Friday, August 20, 2010

College: Day 1

Well...I'm a college student. It feels pretty great, but kinda weird at the same time. My roommate is cool, my TV is working, and my posters are set up rather beautifully actually. So...all in all I guess my college experience is off to the right start.

Today, Day 1, was a rather long one. Lots of lines, waiting, and meetings to attend. But hey! I didnt have to move a thing to my room! So that was awesome. Lunch was great. I ate with Hannah Morgan and Aly Humphrey and Tim Akin, who started all the gossip of the day. It was very entertaining. Dinner was delicious. It was a Taste of Batesville, where all the local restaurants came and set up booths and served food. It was SO good. Tomorrow there will be hot air balloon rides. Have I decided if I want to go on one yet? No. I havent. :/ I kinda want to, kinda dont want to. I guess we'll see tomorrow! I'll let you know if it happened!!

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